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Private Placements

For most middle market companies raising funds in the public markets can be expensive, inefficient, and time consuming. Raising funds from private sources may be a more effective way to provide capital to support operations. In addition to more flexible terms, many transactions can avoid the unwieldy disclosure associated with public offerings. Private sources of capital can be price competitive, easier to access, and provide more flexible terms than public offerings.


Baxter Fentriss has extensive financing contacts with insurance companies, pension funds, investment funds, large banks, national lending institutions, and wealthy individuals providing access to both debt and equity capital.


Corporate Recapitalizations


When an entity lacks capital, it often faces pressures that prohibit the maximization of value in a sale or missed growth opportunities. Capital pressures can occur for many reasons including: lack of liquidity, loss or pending loss of a large shareholder, extraordinary asset growth, and/or significant operating losses. Recapitalization is often a better strategy for maximizing shareholder value than a troubled or “fire” sale.


 Baxter Fentriss & Company takes a hands-on approach to recapitalization initiatives.  We match groups of investors for each individual business plan. In select cases, the recapitalization plan marries capital and experienced directors or managers into the company. In other cases, capital allows the institution time to execute a well-conceived plan.


For a company in need of recapitalization, time is critical.  Baxter Fentriss makes a very rapid assessment of our ability to add value to a potential transaction.  We are candid in our assessment and quick to respond.  Baxter Fentriss understands the risks and rewards associated with recapitalizations and takes great pride in offering creative solutions.

Private Placements & Corporate Recaps