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Strategic Evaluations


Often the Baxter Fentriss relationship with a Client begins with a strategic analysis of the Company.  Identifying objectives, capabilities, and capacity is the best way to understand the situational needs.  The Firm’s professionals work with the management of the Client in understanding strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities to enhance shareholder value. The analysis will include an examination of the current financial position, the competitive posture and industry trends. Baxter Fentriss will prepare further analysis outlining the options available to the Client to achieve its objectives. In addition, our proprietary financial models will predict the expected financial impact of each alternative strategy considered. Unbiased recommendations are provided to assist the Board in carrying out and documenting its fiduciary responsibilities.


Creating/maximizing shareholder value is a significant goal of every for-profit institution. At most, investment banks, “maximizing shareholder value”, means a sale of the company.  We believe the sale alternative may be a viable option, but it is seldom the only alternative.  Our results verify our clients’ success in achieving rewarding growth strategies.


The varied backgrounds of our professionals provide a unique perspective in identifying opportunities and solutions in achieving the strategic objectives.  Baxter Fentriss utilizes a team approach in all its engagements. We leverage the talents of our professionals in developing creative and realistic solutions to each strategic objective.


Business Valuations


The valuation of a business is necessary in many situations including the purchase or sale of a company, estate planning and settlement, tax preparation, ESOP share purchases and sales, buy-sell agreements, recapitalizations, and divorce proceedings.  Accurate business valuations that withstand the scrutiny of any challenger must reflect a strong understanding of financial theory combined with in-depth industry knowledge, experience in capital markets, and the ability to identify and then quantify significant off-balance sheet assets and liabilities.  Our professionals have been responsible for numerous business valuations in a wide range of industries and are recognized nationally as valuation experts.


Strategic Evaluations & Business Valuations