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Baxter Fentriss and Company is nationally recognized as a leader in providing advisory services in connection with successful mergers and acquisitions.  Our transaction list includes approximately 200 successful buy side, sell side, or marriage of equals transactions.  With transactions ranging from less than $1 million to the purchase of billion dollar companies, we have the broad expertise to serve the market at all levels.  We are routinely one of the most active firms nationally in the markets we serve.  A brief summary follows of the major transaction types:

Buyer RepresentationsSubstantial value is created in a well-executed acquisition.  Conversely, substantial losses can be incurred in poorly executed transactions.  The expertise required to complete a successful acquisition varies from transaction to transaction.  Baxter Fentriss brings to the table years of experience to help make sure one overlooked detail doesn’t spoil an otherwise attractive opportunity.  While our role may vary from initiating contact to financial structuring to providing a detailed acquisition strategy, our focus is on achieving client success.

Seller Representation: Baxter Fentriss is your representative to maximize shareholder value in a sale of the Company or a significant division. We recognize a sale as the most important event in the life of a company and ensure all reasonable alternatives are carefully evaluated.  We also recognize that sellers have objectives beyond price and obtain acquiror commitments to those objectives. While we may identify numerous buyers, each one is evaluated prior to discussions. Qualified parties are approached on a confidential basis with a knowledgeable and compelling presentation to maximize interest in a transaction. Our long-term presence in merger and acquisitions means contacts and familiarity with many industries, experience in solving unique issues (tax, accounting, management, regulatory, etc.), and ensures sellers of achieving the best results.

Marriage of Equals Representation: Baxter Fentriss and Company has the unique assignment of working with management and Boards to creatively develop a shared ongoing management structure in a business combination.  While a large acquisition premium is rarely paid, the financial implications are significant.  Few other firms initiate this type of transaction as vigorously as Baxter Fentriss.  Organizational issues are tough and many deals that look good on paper just won’t work.  It takes unique vision to achieve success with a Marriage of Equals.

Branch TransactionsBranch purchases and sales represent a unique transaction category in the financial services sector.  Baxter Fentriss and Company is exceptionally active in branch transactions.  Our Firm has been a leader in developing pricing analysis and projecting values in branch transfers between depository institutions.

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