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Baxter Fentriss & Company has successfully executed in excess of 300 transactions, either as advisor or Principal, since its formation twelve years ago. We pride ourselves in selling services, not products. As each assignment is different, we take every effort to understand the primary drivers for any transaction. After extensive consultation with management and the Board of Directors, we develop a unique plan to meet the objectives of the client. We carefully assess the key trends and developments affecting the client and the industry and identify the strategic alternatives available. We consider the economic impact, risk, timing, and related issues associated with each strategic option. Once a strategic direction is determined, we provide a concise blueprint for achieving the agreed upon objectives.

Unlike many of our competitors, our senior bankers are intimately involved with all phases of every engagement. We do not shift the executions to junior associates. This philosophy has been a critical element in establishing our reputation and ensuring our clients the best execution available.

We believe in providing a broad array of services, but not trying to be all things to all people.  We would rather offer limited services at an exceptional level than an exceptional number of services at a limited level. The following list and the subsequent links provide an overview of the firm’s expertise:

¨         Strategic Evaluations

Þ       Maximization of shareholder value

Þ       Profitability analysis

Þ       Business plans

Þ       Alternative strategies

Þ       Expansion opportunities


¨         Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services

Þ       Buyer representations

Þ       Seller representations

Þ       “Marriage of Equals” representations

Þ       Branch Transactions


¨         Business Valuations

¨         Intangible Impairment Testing

¨         Capital Planning

¨         Private Placements of Debt or Equity

¨         Fairness Opinions

¨         Corporate Recapitalizations

¨         Loan Sales and Purchases

¨         Takeover Defenses

Overview of Services